At our Tommy’s Tanning locations all around CT, we exist to help you achieve the smooth, tan, and even-toned skin you want. Our tanning centers offer a friendly, welcoming environment, helpful, knowledgeable staff, and many comfortable, high-tech indoor tanning options. No appointment is ever needed. Our advanced, streamlined UV tanning beds (also called sunbeds) are clean and comfortable, with sessions timed to fit your skin type and tanning goals. You’ll get a fantastic sunbed tan at any of our dozen CT tanning locations. We also offer sunless tanning in our private spray tan booths. Today we’ll share our expert tanning bed tips for beginners to help you get the most out of your tanning salon visits.

Indoor Tanning Bed Tips for Beginners

Follow our indoor tanning bed tips for the best tan ever:

  • Before your visit: Shower using fragrance-free soap (without moisturizer) and exfoliate (to slough away dead skin), when you’re planning to visit the tanning salon. This provides for a long-lasting, even suntan.
  • Check our medication list or talk to your doctor: Some medications increase your skin’s photosensitivity. You may need to shorten your UV tanning sessions or opt for sunless spray tans in CT, so you can look great with no UV exposure.
  • Use one of our pre-tan accelerator lotions: To maximize your tan, we offer specialized skin care products to extend the life of your tan at our Connecticut tanning salons.
  • Tell us your tanning goal: Would you prefer a deep, dark tan–or a light tan? Do you want to establish a base tan before your vacation? Are you tanning for an upcoming event, like a wedding? Do you want to stay tan all year round? Depending upon your wishes, our Smart Tan certified staff helps you achieve your tanning goal quickly and safely.
  • Tan smart for your skin type: Achieving a dark, even skin tone means something different to every person. Our expert staff can advise you and we help you build your tan comfortably, to achieve the attractive skin tone that works for you.
  • Consider the sunless tan option: If your skin burns easily–you might want to try our automatic spray tan booth to get the look you want.
  • Choose a tanning bed type: Our basic tanning bed is a great place to start. If, later on, you want a faster bed for quicker tanning in fewer sessions, we can advise you. We also offer specialized tanning beds and equipment for the face and shoulders, vertical stand-up tanning, spray tan boothsand more. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you and set proper UV intensity settings for your needs and skin type.
  • Be sure to goggle up: Essential tanning goggles to protect your eyes are sold at all salons.
  • Wear what you like: Tan inyour shorts, bikini, underwear, or tan nude – it’s your choice in your private tanning booth.
  • Relax on the gleaming, acrylic surface of your tanning bed: When ready, simply pull down the cover (lid) of the bed, so it sits just above your body–and press the button next to you, to begin tanning. A few minutes later, you’re done!
  • Ask questions anytime: Hit the call button next to your tanning bed, if you need assistance.
  • Save money with a tanning plan: At Tommy’s Tanning Salons, you can pay per session whenever you stop by–with no strings attached. We never tie you into long contracts with any of our optional tanning membership discount plans. You’re free to cancel anytime. We even offer an unlimited tanning plan with convenient auto-debit payment, where you can stop in to tan as often as you like.

Tips on Indoor Tanning: Comfort and Relaxation

At Tommy’s Tanning you can completely customize your tanning session! Our tanning bed comfort options include handy fans next to each bed—and you can listen to your favorite music using our in-room music player connections. For the full “tanning spa” experience, try our aromatherapy oils for a lovely scent-sation while you tan. After tanning, we offer luxurious skin creams, designed to soften skin and help your “touchable tan” look terrific for weeks to come.

Stop by Tommy’s and We’ll Make You Welcome

If our beginner indoor tanning tips have helped you, we offer even more at our salons. For personalized, expert tanning advice–tailored to your specific needs–visit any of our dozen indoor tanning locations across Connecticut. No appointments are ever needed during our convenient open hours! Visit or contact your local Tommy’s Tanning Salon today!