As a CT resident or visitor, you never need to ask, “Where can I find comfortable tanning beds near me?” That’s because, at Tommy’s Tanning, we have more than a dozen convenient, walk-in tanning bed locations across the state. That’s right, Tommy’s tanning beds are always near you in Connecticut!

Are There Any Tanning Beds Near My Location?

Here in Connecticut, the answer is always “yes!” When you’re idly wondering, “Where can I find the ultimate in convenient, affordable, on-demand tanning beds near me in CT,” just stop in to any Tommy’s Tanning spot. If you’re out doing errands, on your way to work or class, you’ll very likely pass right by a Tommy’s Tanning bed location. With a simple application of the brakes, or a step to the right (or left) and you are here! At Tommy’s Tanning, our high-end tanning experience won’t waste your time or bust your budget. Tommy’s Tanning is here to help you look great and feel terrific — at a moment’s notice — all over Connecticut. Visit your local Tommy’s for a gorgeous CT tan today.

Can I Use My Tommy’s Tanning Membership Everywhere in CT?

Yes! If you decide to sign up for one of our money-saving tanning plans, you have unlimited use (or access to your chosen, subscribed number of tanning sessions) as part of your monthly membership. You can choose the Tommy’s tanning plan that fits your needs–and feel free to cancel your monthly plan anytime. All plans are budget friendly. If you’re not yet certain how many sessions you want or need, no problem. Membership is not required. We are happy to earn your loyalty–so you’ll come back because you like our service–not because you joined up. You will never feel trapped, or locked into a contract, at Tommy’s high-tech, yet low-key, tanning locations. We truly appreciate all our customers!

Do I Have to Join to Use Tommy’s High-end Tanning Beds?

No! Tommy’s Tanning is flexible to fit your needs. We believe in spontaneous tanning. We offer multiple tanning options, including UV tanning beds, vertical tanning booths and sunless tanning (spray-on tans). There’s absolutely no requirement to join anything. There’s no hassle when you stop in at Tommy’s “tanning beds near me.” You’re welcome to simply pay for a session whenever you want to use Tommy’s Tanning beds. Pay-as-you-go and tan as needed. After all, it’s a fast-paced world these days. You may not know, in advance, when you might have time for a quick tan in our state-of-the-art tanning beds. That’s why we are here for your tanning needs at a moment’s notice. Wherever you see our sign, just pull over and/or walk right in. Tommy’s is the definition of “tanning beds near my location” in CT.