You have been daydreaming about your vacation away from Connecticut for months—and in every visual you are relaxing on the beach in your swimsuit, with your perfect bronze tan shimmering in the sun. If you want this fantasy to become a reality, then Tommy’s Tanning is here to help you out. Whether you are naturally fair skinned or you already have a nice glow, here are the secrets you need to know about tanning before vacation.

Why Go Tanning Before Vacation

It’s indisputable that tan skin hides blemishes better. Spider veins, cellulite, stretch marks and brown spots; a rich, golden tan will give your skin a more even and smooth appearance. Many people also believe that tanning can make you appear leaner, and if you feel like you look better, your confidence on the beach is sure to multiply. And really, that’s the most important thing.

Options for Tanning:

If you are seeking a sun-kissed appearance for your vacation, you have two choices: UV tanning or spray tanning.

  • UV Tanning – Our salons feature state-of-the-art laydown and standup beds that will allow you to tan in a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Spray Tanning – With spray tanning in Connecticut, you have complete control over the shade of your tan, as well as whether you get additional hydrating and pH treatments to really make your skin glow. Come once, a day or two before your trip, or build up a gradual spray tan in the few weeks before you head out of town.

No matter which tanning option you select, Tommy’s Tanning is the best tanning salon in Connecticut. We would love to help you get the bronze shimmering tan that your daydreams are made of. From our variety of rate choices to our abundant Connecticut locations to our extended hours, getting your base tan before you hit the beach has never been easier. Stop by one of our salons today!