You were meticulous about planning every detail of your wedding, and you spent months deciding on an immaculate dress. Now all you need is the gorgeous, sun-kissed skin to really make you shine on your special day. In our opinion, a golden tan and a white wedding gown were just made for each other.

Read our wedding-day tanning tips to ensure you look flawless, whether you go for spray tanning or UV tanning.

Spray Tanning Tips for Your Wedding

Spray tanning is increasing in popularity due to an absence of UV rays and immediate results. At Tommy’s Tanning, we use the most technologically advanced spray tanning booth to get you a radiant result every time. But since it’s your wedding day at stake, we strongly suggest you follow these spray tanning tips:

  • Do a Test Run – Our spray tanning booth produces a tan that is impeccably natural, but not everyone wants the same shade. And there’s really no way to see exactly how it will look until it’s on your own skin. Come in a month before your wedding for a trial run. See if you love the results after one application, or if your ideal color takes a few visits. Then you will know exactly how to schedule your spray tanning as the wedding day approaches (and make sure to check out these spray tanning tips to get the most from your experience).
  • Take Some Photos – As you are testing out the color of your spray tan, get in the same lighting you will be in on your wedding day—whether it’s the chapel, the beach, or your own backyard—and take some pictures. Everything always looks different in photographs, and you know there will be a lot of them taken on your big day.
  • Get the Final Spray Tanning Done Two Days in Advance – This allows time for the color to settle into your skin and ensures it won’t transfer to your wedding dress (after the first shower, you are good to go).

UV Tanning Tips for Your Big Day

If you are headed on a beach vacation for your honeymoon and you want to kill two birds with one stone (having gorgeous skin and building up a base tan for your vacay), then UV tanning is the way to go. However, you need to build up the tan gradually so you don’t burn. You should be coming to us at least a month or two before the bells ring so you can tan following our recommended exposure times to avoid burning until you reach your desired tone. Also check with our experienced staff members for the ideal moisturizers to help your tan stay golden throughout your honeymoon.

With our flexible payment options (even unlimited tanning packages!) and convenient hours, getting that magnificent glow for your wedding day has never been easier. Stop by one of our fourteen locations across Connecticut for more information today.