Those who want to achieve a golden, even tan after a session in an indoor tanning bed will want to apply the right type of tanning lotion before they begin. There are many different types of indoor tanning lotions on the market, but they are not all created equal. It’s important for those who use indoor tanning beds to select the best lotion for their own personal needs.

Common Types of Tanning Lotion

  • Accelerator and Maximizer Tanning Lotions — Accelerator and maximizer tanning lotions are often the best choice for those who are new to indoor tanning. These lotions contain more moisturizers than other lotions, so they help to keep the skin hydrated as it adjusts to the tanning process. In addition, they are great at helping an individual get a base tan that looks as natural as possible.
  • Tingle Lotions— Tingle lotions are often used by those who frequent indoor tanning salons on a regular basis. They include powerful active ingredients that brings more oxygen into the skin cells. This process allows the skin to darken in color and allows a person to consistently enjoy a better, longer-lasting tan.
  • Bronzers— Bronzers are a type of tanning lotion, but they work in a different way. There are a variety of bronzers on the market, so it’s important that an individual user selects the bronzer that will best meet their needs.

Common Types of Tanning Bronzers

  • DHA Bronzers— This is a type of tanning bronzer that dyes the color of the skin. The active ingredient, dihydroxyacetone, works to create a brown color on dead skin cells. It can take several hours for a DHA bronzer to take effect, and generally the tan appearance only lasts for a few days until those skin cells are shed.
  • Natural Bronzers— Rather than using chemicals to create a bronze appearance on the skin, natural bronzers use plant-based ingredients to increase melanin production and ultimately darken the color of the skin. In addition to providing a natural glow, these types of bronzers also include moisturizers to keep the skin looking healthy and fresh. Given the fact that natural ingredients are used, the effect only lasts for about four days. Those who use natural bronzers need to reapply on a consistent, regular basis.

Benefits of Using Tanning Lotions

Everyone should use a tanning lotion before they begin an indoor tanning session. These are a few of the benefits of finding the right lotion for you:

  • The right tanning lotion will assist the biological process of tanning your skin to a natural, healthy glow.
  • A tanning lotion is going to amplify your tan and allow you to achieve better results in a shorter amount of time.
  • Indoor tanning lotions contain moisturizers that protect your skin, keep it hydrated and allow you to look your best.

Given the fact that each individual has a unique skin tone and skin composition, it’s important that they use the right type of indoor tanning lotion before their indoor tanning session. Those who visit Tommy’s Salons to enjoy our state-of-the-art tanning beds will be pleased that they can work with expert staff members who can recommend the right tanning lotions and tanning bronzers for them. For more information, book your appointment at Tommy’s Salons today.