If you find yourself searching online for “VersaSpa spray tan near me”, then you have taken the first step towards a gorgeous, natural-looking tan without the risk of repeated UV-ray exposure. VersaSpa spray tanning is much more than your traditional sunless tanning; it is a complete experience that pampers you and keeps your skin glowing year-round. Here are some of the many benefits of seeking VersaSpa tanning near you:

VersaSpa Combines Science with Beauty

VersaSpa spray tanning works so much better than anything else out there because its technology is based on science. The VersaSpa Pro spray tan locations we feature completely rejuvenate your skin cells to give you a stunning tan. Their formula is innovative, featuring a proprietary blend of brown and green marine algae that works to detoxify, oxygenate, and moisturize your skin while transforming it into a natural tan color.

You Get a Gorgeous Tan Every Time (No Streaks in Sight!)

The formula of the tanning solution isn’t the only remarkable thing about a VersaSpa spray tan. The application process used by VersaSpa spray tan locations in Connecticut is unique in its own right. In fact, it is the most effective spray tan technology available. Once inside the tanning booth, the VersaSpa machine will have you complete four different poses, and then it will coat your entire body all four times. This method ensures no curve is left without color.

VersaSpa Spray Tanning Treats Your Skin Right

The final benefit of looking for a VersaSpa spray tan near you in CT is the incredible treatments you can select in addition to the flawless, streak-free color you will receive. Options include:

  • Clear Extended Tan – This option is invisible during the application process, and the color will gradually appear over the next 4-8 hours. It is formulated with Erythrulose and Eco-Certified DHA for long-lasting results.
  • Instant Bronzer with Extended Tan – If you want to be able to see the color right away, this treatment will shower your skin with an immediate deep tan color, while still giving you the extended tanning after the application.
  • Tan Perfector – This pre-treatment option contains grape seed extract to stimulate collagen and balance your skin’s pH levels to ensure an even spray tanning application.
  • Moisturizing Treatment – With this option, you will receive extra moisturizing after the color is applied. The ginger root extract will help improve the skin’s circulation while the green tea extract will cut back on free-radical damage.

If you are in search of a VersaSpa spray tan near you, look no further than Tommy’s Tanning. We have 14 convenient locations throughout Connecticut to help you get the gorgeous glow you are looking for.