UV Tanning

People come to Tommy’s Tanning for many reasons: to look and feel great about themselves, for the color before the vacation to prevent burning while outside in the sun or to relax in the comfort of our high-end salons. Tommy’s Tanning features the best selection of indoor sun tanning equipment from 10-15 minute laydown equipment to 9-12 minute stand-ups. Several of our beds include several amenities from facial to shoulder tanners, cooling fans, MP3/IPod connection and even aromatherapy!Tommy’s Tanning offers memberships and packages. Each is designed for your specific tanning need and skin type with affordable payment options. Our tanning consultants and are Smart Tan certified and possess a thorough and up-to-date knowledge or indoor products & trends.


Instructions / Skin Care:

For Best Results Before You Tan:
• Cleaned and moisturized skin tans best. Exfoliating and showering with natural (fragrance free/non-moisturizing) soap before tanning cleans the skin and balances skin tones for an even tan.
Don’t’ Tan Dry!!! It is always best to apply a Tanning Accelerator. Please consult your Tanning Consultant for the best product for you and your budget.
• Check the Medications List or consult your physician. Some medications may affect photosensitivity.
• Understand your Skin Type. Not all skin types tan the same. For some skin types that may have difficulty tanning, we have several Sunless Tanning options.
• Protective eyewear is available for sale.


Tanning FAQ’s:

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*** Equipment Varies by Location ***

Level 4 – Click here for rates

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•Takes Your Tan To A Whole New Level
•MORE Tan In LESS Sessions
•Non-Claustrophobic Design
•Extreme Facial Tanning Technology Delivered Over Your Entire Body
•Provides You The Most Instant Tan Possible
•MP3/IPod Compatible
•Separately Adjustable Body and Face Cooling System

Level 3 – Click here for rates

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•The Most Bronzing of the Traditional Lamp Beds
•Best Face Tan – Adjustable
•Shoulder Tanners
•Roomier Design for Maximum Comfort
•Separately Adjustable Body and Face Cooling Systems

Level 2 – Click here for rates

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•Better Bronzing
•Quicker Session Times
•Better Face Tan – Adjustable Face Tanners
•Adjustable Cooling fans

Stand-Up Booths

• Better Bronzing
• Hand Rails Available
• Great for the Tallest Tanning Customer – 6.5 feet of Tanning Power
• Adjustable Cooling Fans

Level 1 – Click here for rates


•Terrific Value
•Develop a Rich Looking Tan
•Adjustable Fans


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    NOTICE: You do not need to become tan for your skin to make vitamin D.
    Exposure to ultraviolet radiation may increase the likelihood of developing skin cancer and can cause serious eye injury.