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With a focus on personalized care and attention to detail, we provide a full suite of tanning services for men and women, as well as additional wellness treatments like Red & Blue Light Therapy and more.

Red Light Therapy

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Welcome to Tommy’s Tanning, where we also specialize in providing exceptional red light and blue light therapy services. Harnessing the power of light, we offer a range of treatments designed to help you achieve your wellness and beauty goals.

Our highly trained professionals will guide you through each session, ensuring your utmost comfort and safety. Whether you’re seeking rejuvenating skin treatments, pain relief, or effective acne management, our red light and blue light therapies offer natural, non-invasive solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Red Light Therapy is great for anyone that wants to improve the appearance of their skin. It is great for:

  • Increasing the production of collagen and elastin in the skin
  • Diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size
  • Reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks, age spots, and blemishes
  • Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps with tissue repair, wound healing, and recovery
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We’re more effective because we’re medical-grade and FDA-approved.
Ours are the most effective out there, given that they’re medical-grade equipment.

For wound healing, light therapy is thought to promote the skin cells’ biological responses to increase the number of fibroblasts, increasing collagen proliferation into the skin, thereby reducing the required time for wound closure, while increasing the strength of the regenerated tissue.

Red Light Therapy can dramatically revitalize your skin without any downtime or discomfort. This treatment helps counteract years of sun damage, environmental damage, aging, acne, and acne scarring. POLY provides noticeable results, without the high cost and downtime of other more expensive treatment options.

As we age, the skin undergoes changes that are caused by numerous factors. As aging progresses, the skin can lose 20%-80% of its thickness due to changes in the function of special skin cells called fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. The result is thinning, wrinkling, and changes in skin texture. Damage from the sun’s UV rays can further reduce the elasticity of the skin as it degrades the structural collagen and elastin matrix.

Best results are achieved when POLY is used for 20 minutes, 2-3 times per week, for 8 weeks. Allow 24 hours between treatments.

Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons were among the first practices to utilize POLY in conjunction with their services. When POLY received FDA 510K OTC Clearance; Salons, Day Spas, Med Spas, Health Clubs, and Wellness Centers joined in offering POLY Pro Systems to their menu of Spa & Wellness services.

Light waves and light energy, including those found in natural sunlight, are measured in nanometers. A nanometer is a unit of length equal to one-billionth of a meter.

  • Blue-Light, which is used to treat acne and blemishes, occurs between 400-500 nanometers.
  • Red-Light, which is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, etc., occurs between 600-700 nanometers.
  • Infrared, which is used for general wellness and pain management, occurs just beyond 700 nanometers.

POLY Systems harness the health & wellness properties of each of these naturally occurring wavelengths and deliver light energy within a specific nanometer range – thus providing maximum power and effective results.

Infrared radiation has longer waves than red light, and thus oscillates at a lower frequency and carries less energy. UV radiation has shorter waves than blue or violet light, and thus oscillates more rapidly and carries more energy per photon than visible light does.

Red Light Therapy is safe, gentle & effective for all skin and body types. It is drug, laser, and chemical free. It is non-invasive, gentle, and relaxing and requires no downtime or recovery time.

  • Pregnant women (must consult with doctor)
  • People with Migraines
    Epilepsy or Photosensitivity
  • Suspicious Legions on body
  • Photosensitizing Medications – antibiotics, NSAIDS, diuretics, retinoids, statins, photodynamic therapy drugs, neuroleptic drugs, antifungals, or prophoto sensitizers.

Red light therapy uses LED lights to emit a low-wavelength LED red light. This is outside of the UV wavelength range and doesn’t stimulate melanin production.

POLY systems can be used by all skin types and body types. There are no age restrictions, however, Tommy’s Wax Center requires parental consent for customers under the age of 18 years.

Eye protection is not mandatory when using Red Light Therapy, however, it is recommended if you have a sensitivity to light.

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